Sights and Flavors of the Ancient Sabine Hills


The three keywords for food in Sabina are:
1 – Rustic: recipes are not elaborate and are based on the rural tradition of Sabina. The presentation of the dish is not importantant as it’s the following 2 points that matter!
2 – Genuine: Sabina is a rural region and the produce comes from small farmers and “norcini” (butchers that prepare pork meat). Olive oil, seasoned pork parts (prosciutto, pancetta, guanciale etc), exellent meat, home made pasta is the base used in every Ristorante, Trattoria and Osteria of the area.
3 – Tasty: the taste comes from the freshness and the quality of local products and from a farm to table philosophy that in Sabina has never ceased to exist.

In this section I will provide a list of my favourite Trattorie combined with tours of a local attractions.



Trattoria Da Elena Posticciola

This is the type of Trattoria that belongs to my childwood memories in the 70’s when marketing and image didn’t affect food. Just pure taste of genuine food. Most of the ingredients are bought locally or made here, starting from the fresh home made pasta made by Elena and her son. For those who are adventurous ...

Ristorante da Lina

Da Lina is a Restaurant located in the outskirt of Stimigliano. The environment is warm and the food excellent: the Picchiarelli, the Stimigliano version of Stringozzi or Manfricoli (the name changes from village to village), very simple pasta made with just water and flower are a hit. I had them with mushrooms and fresh Truffle Flakes. Also ...

Osteria della Cuccagna

Located in Configni, which means “borders”, a small village right on the border between Lazio and Umbria, Osteria della Cuccagna, also the local bar, is tiny restaurant where one can taste the typical “casareccia” cusine of Umbria. The atmosphere is intimate, the mum cooks and the daughter serves the food. Fettuccine with ragu of wild ...